react-sys 1.0.0-alpha.23

React bindings for rust

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Rust bindings for React.



react-sys = "1.0.0-alpha.11"

Though the version is at 1.x-alpha, this crate is NOT ready for production and under heavy development. This crate is used by frender, which provides a friendly and safe api to use React in rust.


  • Hooks

    • React.useState

    • React.useRef

    • React.useEffect unsafe

    • React.useContext

    • useLayoutEffect

    • Can we implement the following hooks in rust ?

      • React.useMemo

      • React.useCallback

        Maybe we should implement a use_closure hook in rust.

    • Do we need the following hooks in rust ?

      • React.useReducer
      • React.useImperativeHandle
      • useDebugValue
  • ErrorBoundary

  • React.memo

  • Component

    • html
    • functional component with hooks
  • Element

    • React.createElement
    • React.Element cast between js and rust wasm
    • jsx like syntax to create element