rdbg-view 0.2.3

A basic command-line viewer for rdbg
rdbg-view-0.2.3 is not a library.


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A basic command-line viewer for rdbg


cargo install rdbg-view

Command-line Options

A basic command-line viewer for rdbg

Usage: rdbg-view [OPTIONS] [HOSTNAME]

  [HOSTNAME]  Remote hostname of debugged program [default:]

  -p, --port <PORT>  Remote port on debugged program [default: 13579]
  -d, --debug-fmt    Use debug formatting for messages (:#? formatting style)
  -h, --help         Print help information
  -V, --version      Print version information

Example output

The current version provides a typical log viewer by default, but a Rust debug style output (:#? formatting) is available as well with the --debug-fmt flag

*** Trying to connect to ***
*** Connected to ***
T:1670688040648 THR:1 rdbg/examples/hello_world.rs:4 hello world
T:1670688040648 THR:1 rdbg/examples/hello_world.rs:5 |world->"world"| |1 + 5->6|
*** Disconnected from ***