rcu_cell 0.1.0

a lockless rcu cell implementation
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# RcuCell

A lockless rcu cell implementation that can be used safely in
multithread context.

## Features

- The write operation would not block the read operation.
- The write operation would "block" the write operation.
- The RcuCell could contain no data

## Usage

   fn single_thread() {
        let t = RcuCell::new(Some(10));
        let x = t.read();
        let y = t.read();
        let z = t.read();
        let a = z.clone();
        drop(t); // t can be dropped before reader
        assert_eq!(x.map(|v| *v), Some(10));
        assert_eq!(y.map(|v| *v), Some(10));
        assert_eq!(z.map(|v| *v), None);
        assert_eq!(a.map(|v| *v), None);

    fn single_thread_clone() {
        let t = RcuCell::new(Some(10));
        let t1 = t.clone();
        assert!(t1.read().map(|v| *v) == Some(10));
        assert!(t.read().map(|v| *v) == Some(5));