rcc 0.10.0

dummy redirect for saltwater
rcc-0.10.0 is not a library.

This crate is no longer maintained

RCC has been renamed to saltwater. If you are looking for the documentation, it is now at https://docs.rs/saltwater.

Why rename rcc?

rcc is a great name for a Rust C compiler. Unfortunately, that binary name is already being used by the QT project for their resource compiler: https://doc.qt.io/qt-5/rcc.html. This causes a lot of confusion when people run rcc with QT installed.

Why saltwater?

I didn't want to go with synonyms for 'clang' because this is a separate project which reuses no code or libraries from LLVM. There is an informal tradition in Rust for having somewhat clever names, so I chose 'saltwater' since it's part of the sea (C) and is corrosive (causes rust).

Saltwater is pretty long to type, is that really the new binary name?

No, the binary name is swcc (and eventually swcpp).