ratman-client 0.4.0

IPC library to interact with a Ratman daemon
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Ratman client bindings library

To learn more about Ratman and Irdest, visit https://irde.st!

In order to interact with the Ratman daemon your application must send properly formatted API messages over a local TCP socket. These data formats are outlined in ratman-types!

This crate provides a simple API over these API messages!

This API is very unstable! You may expect slightly more stability guarantees from ratcat(1) and ratctl(1)

Version numbers

The client library MAJOR and MINOR version follow a particular Ratman release. So for example, version 0.3.0 of this crate is built against version 0.3.0 of ratmand. Because Ratman itself follows semantic versioning, this crate is in turn also semantically versioned.

Any change that needs to be applied to this library that does not impact ratmand or the stability of this API will be implemented as a patch-version.

Also: by default this library will refuse to connect to a running ratmand that does not match the libraries version number. This behaviour can be disabled via the RatmanIpc API.


Important: to use this library you need protobuf installed. Also rust 1.56.0 is required.