pubsub 0.2.0

Local publish / subscribe

Local publish/subscribe

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This will be uploaded to when it is more stable. For now, add the following to your Cargo.toml

git = ""

and this to your crate root:

extern crate pubsub;

##Quick Start

	//create pubsub with 5 threads. These threads run notification functions.
	//messages are queued indefinitely until they can be run
	let pubsub = PubSub::new(5);
	//subscribe to a channel. The subscription will stay active as long
	//as sub1 stays in scope
	let sub1 = pubsub.subscribe("channel1", move |msg|{
		println!("channel 1 was notified with msg: {}", msg);

	//notify all subscribers of "channel1" with message "data1"
	//This will always return immediately since messages are queued
	pubsub.notify("channel1", "data1", None);
	//notify all subscribers of "channel1" except sub1
	pubsub.notify("channel1", "data2", Some(sub1));
	//notify all subscribers of "channel1" except sub1
	//If you want to start queueing messsages for a subscription, but
	//don't want to process them until after some initialization
	let sub2_activator = pubsub.lazy_subscribe("channel2");
	//do some initialization here...
	//notifications received here are queued
	pubsub.notify("channel2", "data4", None);
	//this creates a subscription and processes any messages in the backlog
	let sub2 = sub2_activator.activate(move |msg|{
		println!("channel 2 was notified with msg: {}", msg);
	//subscriptions can be cancelled by dropping or cancelling