psup 0.6.0

Process supervisor with inter-process communication over tokio Unix sockets
psup-0.6.0 is not a library.


A non-blocking process supervisor that uses Unix domain sockets for inter-process communication built on tokio. Support will be added later for Windows using named pipes.

It's purpose is primarily to be used as a libary psup-impl but the psup executable can be used for testing or constrained environments where a lightweight executable could be useful. The statically linked release executable is ~2MB with symbols stripped on Linux and could be trimmed down further with a little effort.

Example communicating using JSON RPC:

cargo run --example=supervisor

An example that uses the supervisor control channel to explicitly shutdown a daemon worker process:

cargo run --example=shutdown

To test the daemon and respawn logic:

cargo run -- sample.toml
kill <PID>

Build a release:

cargo build --release && strip target/release/psup

Dual-licensed under MIT and Apache-2.