prosafe_exporter 0.1.1

Prometheus exporter for NETGEAR switches supported by ProSAFE Plus utility
prosafe_exporter-0.1.1 is not a library.


Prometheus exporter for NETGEAR switches supported by ProSAFE Plus utility.

Build Status

Exported Metrics

metric description labels
prosafe_up The last query is successful switch
prosafe_receive_bytes_total Incoming transfer in bytes switch, port
prosafe_transmit_bytes_total Outgoing transfer in bytes switch, port
prosafe_error_packets_total Transfer error in packets switch, port
prosafe_build_info prosafe_exporter Build information version, revision, rustversion

Tested Switches

  • XS708E
  • GS108Ev3
  • GS105Ev2

Query Example

Outgoing data rate of switch1:port1 is below.

rate(prosafe_transmit_bytes_total{switch="switch1", port="1"}[1m])


Download from release page, and extract to any directory ( e.g. /usr/local/bin ). See the example files in example directory as below.

File Description
example/prosafe_exporter.service systemd unit file
example/config.toml prosafe_exporter config file

If the release build doesn't fit your environment, you can build and install from source code.

cargo install prosafe_exporter


prosafe_exporter --path.config [config_file]

The format of config_file is below.

listen_port = 9493                        # listen_port of expoter ( 9493 is the default port of prosafe_exporter )
if_name     = "eno1"                      # network interface name to access switches ( ex. eno1, eth0,,, )
switches    = ["switch1", ""] # hostname or address of switches