prometheus-client 0.22.2

Open Metrics client library allowing users to natively instrument applications.

Prometheus Rust client library

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Rust client library implementation of the Open Metrics specification. Allows developers to instrument applications and thus enables operators to monitor said applications with monitoring systems like Prometheus.



  • No unsafe. Don't use unsafe Rust within the library itself.

  • Type safe. Leverage Rust's type system to catch common instrumentation mistakes at compile time.

  • Fast. Don't force users to worry about the performance impact of instrumentation. Instead encourage users to instrument often and extensively.

Specification Compliance

Below is a list of properties where this client library implementation lags behind the Open Metrics specification. Not being compliant with all requirements (MUST and MUST NOT) of the specification is considered a bug and likely to be fixed in the future. Contributions in all forms are most welcome.

  • State set metric.

  • Enforce "A Histogram MetricPoint MUST contain at least one bucket".

  • Enforce "A MetricFamily MUST have a [...] UNIT metadata".

  • Enforce "MetricFamily names [...] MUST be unique within a MetricSet."

  • Enforce "Names SHOULD be in snake_case".

  • Enforce "MetricFamily names beginning with underscores are RESERVED and MUST NOT be used unless specified by this standard".

  • Enforce "Exposers SHOULD avoid names that could be confused with the suffixes that text format sample metric names use".

  • Gauge histogram metric.

  • Allow "A MetricPoint in a Metric with the type [Counter, Histogram] SHOULD have a Timestamp value called Created".

  • Summary metric.

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