powercap-sys 0.2.0

FFI bindings to libpowercap for interacting with the Linux powercap sysfs interface.
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Powercap Rust Bindings

This Rust crate provides declarations and linkage for the powercap C library.

The latest powercap C library can be found at https://github.com/powercap/powercap.


The powercap library and headers must be installed where they can be found by pkg-config. In Debian Unstable and Ubuntu Linux >= 18.04, install the libpowercap-dev package. Otherwise install it from the source (linked above).

Bindings are generated using the Rust bindgen crate.


Add powercap-sys as a dependency in Cargo.toml:

powercap-sys = "0.2"

Project Source

Find this and related project sources at the powercap organization on GitHub.
This project originates at: https://github.com/powercap/powercap-sys

Bug reports and pull requests for bug fixes and enhancements are welcome.