planck_ecs_bundle 1.0.0

Adds bundles to planck_ecs.

Planck ECS Bundles

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Depends on:

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  • Adds Bundle, a trait that creates a group of ECS systems and can add them to a dispatcher.


Add the following to you Cargo.toml file:

planck_ecs_bundle = "*"

Use it like so:

use world_dispatcher::*;
use planck_ecs_bundle::*;
struct TestBundle;
impl Bundle for TestBundle {
    fn systems() -> Vec<System> {
            (|| {Ok(())}).system(),
            (|| {Ok(())}).system(),
            (|| {println!("hello!"); Ok(())}).system(),
fn main() {
    let mut builder = DispatcherBuilder::default();
    builder = TestBundle::insert(builder);

Maintainer Information

  • Maintainer: Jojolepro
  • Contact: jojolepro [at] jojolepro [dot] com
  • Website:
  • Patreon: patreon