picky-asn1-der 0.1.0

An ASN.1-DER subset for serde

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Portions of project serde_asn1_der are held by Keziah Biermann, 2019 as part of this project.

This crate implements an ASN.1-DER subset for serde.

The following types have built-in support:

  • bool: The ASN.1-BOOLEAN-type
  • u8, u16, u32, u64, u128, usize: The ASN.1-INTEGER-type
  • (): The ASN.1-NULL-type
  • &[u8], Vec<u8>: The ASN.1-OctetString-type
  • &str, String: The ASN.1-UTF8String-type

More advanced types are supported through wrappers:

  • Integer (as big integer)
  • Bit String
  • Object Identifier
  • Utf8 String
  • Numeric String
  • Printable String
  • IA5 String
  • Generalized Time
  • UTC Time
  • Application Tags from 0 to 15
  • Context Tags from 0 to 15

Everything sequence-like combined out of this types is also supported out of the box.

Check out doc.rs for tested code examples.