pax-chassis-macos 0.13.11

Platform-specific chassis allowing Pax cartridges to be executed as native macOS apps failed to build pax-chassis-macos-0.13.11
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Handles: - 2D rendering on macOS via CoreGraphics - passing tick events (a la rAF; see NSViewRepresentable) - Managing native user input (e.g. mouse, keyboard, camera, microphone, also form control events like 'click' on a button) - Rendering native text based off of commands from engine - Rendering native form controls based off of commands from engine

This directory also includes:


Simple macOS app for developing Pax projects.
Also usable as a template for packaging full-window Pax apps for macOS


  • Mounting pax-chassis-macos + cartridge to a simple Mac app, delegating full window rendering to Pax.
  • Debug mode + LLDB support for debugging Pax projects on macOS
  • Production mode, suitable for packaging full-window Pax apps for end-users