path-clean 0.1.0

A Rust implementation of cleanname or path.Clean

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cargo add path-clean


use std::path::PathBuf;
use path_clean::{clean, PathClean};
assert_eq!(clean("hello/world/.."), "hello");


path-clean is a Rust port of the the cleanname procedure from the Plan 9 C library, and is similar to path.Clean from the Go standard library. It works as follows:

  1. Reduce multiple slashes to a single slash.
  2. Eliminate . path name elements (the current directory).
  3. Eliminate .. path name elements (the parent directory) and the non-. non-.., element that precedes them.
  4. Eliminate .. elements that begin a rooted path, that is, replace /.. by / at the beginning of a path.
  5. Leave intact .. elements that begin a non-rooted path.

If the result of this process is an empty string, return the string ".", representing the current directory.

It performs this transform lexically, without touching the filesystem. Therefore it doesn't do any symlink resolution or absolute path resolution. For more information you can see "Getting Dot-Dot Right".

For convenience, the [PathClean] trait is exposed and comes implemented for [std::path::PathBuf].


MIT OR Apache-2.0