passerine-aspen 0.5.0

Passerine's package manager.
passerine-aspen-0.5.0 is not a library.


Passerine's package manager.

Getting Started

To install the aspen command, run this in the shell of your choice:

bash <(curl -sSf

This requires git and a recent version of Cargo to work. You can inspect the contents of first if you want, we're not trying to play any tricks on you.

  1. Start a new Passerine project using Aspen:
aspen new example
  1. This will create a project named example in the current directory. Open this project and look through it in your editor of choice.
  2. To run the project:
cd example
aspen run

aspen run and most other commands optionally take a path to the project root.


NOTE: Not all commands are implemented ATM. Commands in bold are partially or wholly implemented.

Command Result
update Updates the Passerine toolchain.
new Creates a new Passerine package.
publish Publishes package to the registries in Aspen.toml.
pull Pulls fresh packages from the registries in Aspen.toml.
add Adds a dependency to Aspen.toml.
run Builds and runs the corresponding Passerine package.
repl Opens a fresh repl session.
test Builds and runs the package's tests.
bench Builds and runs the package's benchmarks.
doc Builds the package's documentation.
debug Builds and runs the package in interactive debug mode.

An optional path to the project root may be provided.