partiql-playground 0.1.0

PartiQL Playground

PartiQL Playground (Proof of Concept)

PartiQL Playground is intended to provide the required code for enabling execution of PartiQL queries on web.

Please note, at this stage the code within this package is considered experimental and should not be used for production.

Local Usage

For local usage follow the below steps.

  1. Pull down the partiql-rust package from GitHub:
git clone --recursive
  1. Enter the partiql-playground root directory:
cd partiql-lang-rust/partiql-playground
  1. Build the WASM package:
wasm-pack build --target web
  1. Start a webserver from the root directory, as an example, you can use Python's SimpleHTTPServer:
python3 -m http.server
  1. On your browser go to http://localhost:8000/


PartiQL Playground uses WebAssembly (Wasm) for integrating the front-end with PartiQL Rust back-end. Considering this, please install the wasm-pack by following the instructions here.

Upon any changes to the package's Rust dependencies (E.g. partiql-parser) or the wasm code under ./src/lib of this package, you need to rebuild the Wasm package using the following command from the root of this package:

wasm-pack build --target web

Please note, as the package is experimental at this stage, all HTML code and assets reside in this package, but this doesn't necessarily mean that it'll be the case in the future.


Package License
ace Editor BSD License
bootstrap MIT License
D3.js ISC License
jquery MIT License
jquery.json-viewer MIT License
wasm-bindgen Apache License Version 2.0
wasm-pack Apache License Version 2.0