partiql-conformance-tests 0.1.0

PartiQL conformance test runner
partiql-conformance-tests-0.1.0 is not a library.

Running the Tests

Running cargo test from the partiql-lang-rust root will not run the conformance tests by default.

To run all the tests (including conformance tests), you will need to run cargo test with the "conformance_test" --features flag:

cargo test --features "conformance_test"

Or to run just the conformance tests:

cargo test --package partiql-conformance-tests --features "conformance_test"

Running an individual test (or subset of tests) can vary by the IDE being used. Using CLion, you may need to first edit the test run configuration and enable the "Use all features in test" checkbox or explicitly add the --features "conformance_test" test option.

Using the command line, you can run an individual test with the following:

cargo test --package partiql-conformance-tests --test <test name or full mod path> --features "conformance_test" -- --exact