partiql-conformance-test-generator 0.2.0

PartiQL conformance test generator
# PartiQL Rust

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This is a collection of crates to provide Rust support for the [PartiQL][partiql] query language.

***The crates in this repository are considered experimental, under active/early development,
and APIs are subject to change.***

This project uses [workspaces][workspaces] to manage the crates in this repository.  The `partiql` crate is intended
to be the crate that exports all the relevant `partiql-*` sub-crate functionality.  It is factored in this way
to make applications needing only some sub-component of the PartiQL implementation possible (e.g. an application
that only requires the PartiQL parser can depend on `partiql-parser` directly).

## Development
This project uses a [git submodule]( to pull in 
[partiql-tests]( The easiest way to pull everything in is to clone the 
repository recursively:

$ git clone --recursive

You can also initialize the submodules as follows:

$ git submodule update --init --recursive

## Running the conformance tests
Running `cargo test` from the `partiql-lang-rust` root will not run the conformance tests by default.

To run all the tests (including conformance tests), you will need to run `cargo test` with the "conformance_test" `--features` flag:

cargo test --features "conformance_test"

Or to run just the conformance tests:

cargo test --package partiql-conformance-tests --features "conformance_test"

More details on running individual tests can be found in the `partiql-conformance-tests` crate [README](partiql-conformance-tests/

## Security

See [CONTRIBUTING]( for more information.

## License

This project is licensed under the Apache-2.0 License.