packets 0.1.0

A library for writing simple, packet-based servers.


Packets is a small library that makes writing packet-based TCP servers and clients a bit easier.

Creating a Server

use packets::*;
use packets::server::*;
use std::net::SocketAddr;

// Bind the server to localhost at port 60000.
let mut server = Server::bind("localhost:60000", &ServerConfig::default()).unwrap();

// Accept all incoming connections.

// Receive all incoming packets, using String as our packet type.
let packets: Vec<(SocketAddr, String)> = server.receive_all().unwrap();
for (addr, packet) in packets {
  server.send(addr, &packet); // Echo the data back to the client.

// Close all connections to the server and consume the Server object.

Creating a Client

use packets::*;
use packets::client::*;

let mut client = Client::connect("localhost:60000", &ClientConfig::default());

// Receive all incoming packets.
// In this example we use String as our Packet type.
let packets: Vec<String> = client.receive_all();

// Send a packet to the server, using String as our packet type for this example.
client.send("Hello, world!".to_string());

// Shut this client down, consuming it.