owo-colors 3.5.0

Zero-allocation terminal colors that'll make people go owo


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A zero-allocation no_std-compatible zero-cost way to add color to your Rust terminal to make people go owo.


  • All std/core formatters
  • Optional checking for if a terminal supports colors
    • Enabled for CI
    • Disabled by default for non-terminal outputs
    • Overridable by NO_COLOR/FORCE_COLOR environment variables
    • Overridable programatically via set_override
  • Dependency-less by default
  • Hand picked names for all ANSI (4-bit) and Xterm (8-bit) colors
  • Support for RGB colors
  • Set colors at compile time by generics or at runtime by value
  • All ANSI colors
    • Basic support (normal and bright variants)
    • Xterm support (high compatibility and 256 colors)
    • Truecolor support (modern, 48-bit color)
  • Styling (underline, strikethrough, etc)

owo-colors is also more-or-less a drop-in replacement for colored, allowing colored to work in a no_std environment. No allocations or dependencies required because embedded systems deserve to be pretty too uwu.

To add to your Cargo.toml:

owo-colors = "3"


use owo_colors::OwoColorize;
fn main() {
    // Foreground colors
    println!("My number is {:#x}!", 10.green());
    // Background colors
    println!("My number is not {}!", 4.on_red());

Generic colors

use owo_colors::OwoColorize;
use owo_colors::colors::*;

fn main() {
    // Generically color
    println!("My number might be {}!", 4.fg::<Black>().bg::<Yellow>());


use owo_colors::OwoColorize;

println!("{}", "strikethrough".strikethrough());

Only Style on Supported Terminals

use owo_colors::{OwoColorize, Stream::Stdout};

    "colored blue if a supported terminal"
        .if_supports_color(Stdout, |text| text.bright_blue())

Supports NO_COLOR/FORCE_COLOR environment variables, checks if it's a tty, checks if it's running in CI (and thus likely supports color), and checks which terminal is being used. (Note: requires supports-colors feature)