ocypod 0.1.0

Ocypod is a Redis-backed service for orchestrating background jobs.


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Ocypod is a language-agnostic, Redis-backed job queue server with an HTTP interface and a focus on long running tasks.


  • simple setup - only requirement is Redis
  • language agnostic - uses HTTP/JSON protocol, clients/workers can be implemented in any language
  • long running jobs - handle jobs that may be running for hours/days, detect failure early using heartbeats
  • simple HTTP interface - no complex binary protocols or client/worker logic
  • flexible job metadata - allows for different patterns of use (e.g. progress tracking, partial results, etc.)
  • job inspection - check the status of any jobs submitted to the system
  • tagging - custom tags allow easy grouping and searching of related jobs
  • automatic retries - re-queue jobs on failure or timeout