nt 0.3.1

A NetworkTables revision 3 client library for Rust
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nt-rs is an implementation of the NetworkTables revision 3 protocol in Rust using Tokio. Currently it is purely a client library. An API for creation of an NT server may come in the future.

Getting Started

This library can be found on https://crates.io and can be added to a project with nt = "0.1.0" Sample usages can be found in the examples/ directory

What is NetworkTables?

NetworkTables, or NT, is a TCP based protocol for key-value data storage. It is most used within code for FIRST Robotics Competition robots, for sharing data across the robot's network.


  • RPC support (Due to complications with ntcore, RPC will not be supported until the resolution of ntcore#1277)


This project is licensed under the MIT license.


Thanks to Jess Creighton (https://github.com/jcreigh) for giving me the idea