notif 0.0.4

route remote notifications to current desktop
notif-0.0.4 is not a library.

I use this to route notifications from remote machines to the correct desktop.

A central instance notif --server receives notifications and forwards them to the latest registered notifier. A notifier is run on a desktop machine and shows the notifications. notif --send is used in place of a local notify-send.


  • remote machine A: notif --server
  • laptop1: notif --notifier laptop1
  • laptop2: notif --notifier laptop2
  • remote machine B: notif --send normal "something noteworthy" "just happened"

Laptop2's notifier will receive & feed the notification to the desktop's notification manager and you'll see "@machineB: something noteworthy just happened".

On a desktop I use it like this: this ensures that the machine that has most recently unlocked X session will receive the notifications.

xscreensaver-command -watch | while read xs; do
  case "$xs" in
      killall -s SIGUSR1 dunst   # pause dunst so notifications don't appear over xscreensaver
      killall -s SIGUSR2 dunst   # resume dunst
      killall -s SIGHUP notif    # have notif send a SEIZE message to become the notifier.

I use this with this kind of things:

I use it on a private VPN, notifications are sent in cleartext.