noble-node-authorization 2.0.0

FABRIC noble for node authorization

Node authorization noble

This noble manages a configurable set of nodes for a permissioned network. Each node is dentified by a PeerId (i.e. Vec). It provides two ways to authorize a node,

  • a set of well known nodes across different organizations in which the connections are allowed.
  • users can claim the ownership for each node, then manage the connections of the node.

A node must have an owner. The owner can additionally change the connections for the node. Only one user is allowed to claim a specific node. To eliminate false claim, the maintainer of the node should claim it before even starting the node. This noble uses offchain worker to set reserved nodes, if the node is not an authority, make sure to enable offchain worker with the right CLI flag. The node can be lagged with the latest block, in this case you need to disable offchain worker and manually set reserved nodes when starting it.