network-manager-connection-action 1.2.1

Execute commands on connections change using DBus network manager events
network-manager-connection-action-1.2.1 is not a library.


Listen connections/deconnections using network-manager's dbus interface and execute specified commands without the need of root access

Use case

One possible use case is adding automatic ssh canonicalization for company domains when connecting to company VPN, this usage can be found in example directory.

Example run

Output when configured to run with canonicalization on a vpn connection and connecting/disconnecting from NetworkManager:

<user>$ network-manager-connection-action -c example/config.toml
[2021-05-02T13:51:45Z INFO] Watching for NetworkManager events
[2021-05-02T13:53:41Z INFO] Entreprise VPN Up
CanonicalDomains anotherdomains.fromvpn
[2021-05-02T13:56:21Z INFO] Entreprise VPN Down

Build and Install

cargo build --release
cp target/release/network-manager-connection-action /usr/bin/network-manager-connection-action


You need the UUID of networks you want to watch

You can find connections's UUID using nmcli c

Create a config file, example $HOME/.config/network_manager_connection_actionrc

Config contains network manager uuid that correspond to an existing connection.

For each connection's config you can choose a command and a context, see examples

Systemd autostart

Put the unit file here


Run and enable

systemctl --user daemon-reload
systemctl --user start network-manager-connection-action.service
systemctl --user enable network-manager-connection-action.service
journalctl --user -fu network-manager-connection-action.service


Use systemd varlink interface

At start the program could query already connected connections and apply configuration

The code and functionality could be improved in many ways, don't hesitate to open merge requests :)