netaddr2 0.7.1

A Rust network address parsing and arithmetic library

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This crate is meant as a replacement for an existing reimplementation of various "netaddr" libraries that other languages have. There does exist another netaddr crate, however the author of this crate did not respond when asked about maintainership status.

What it does

NetAddr arose out of a need to mask and subnet IP space in a manner identical to that which routers and network interfaces do. Its utility may be most fully realized in the development of tooling for such purposes.


There are a few ways to use this library. Perhaps most ergonomical of these is to use the FromStr trait:

let net: NetAddr = "ff02::1/128".parse().unwrap();
let net: Netv4Addr = "".parse().unwrap();

(More options will be added eventually.)


This crate aims to be as simple and straightforward as possible. We accomplish this by mirroring the structure of the std::net::Ip.*Addr data structures. Most of the operations on NetAddr structs are implemented through the use of traits which are implemented both on the main structures and on the enum that bridges them. These are also implemented, where appropriate, for standard library structures.

This crate has no dependencies, and will not accept any unless required for no_std support. The only part of this crate that uses std is the part that bridges with std::net::IpAddr, so a potential contribution would be to generalize std::net::IpAddr in a no_std environment.

Maintenance Status

This codebase is still not feature-complete. Check out the issue tracker if you want to contribute, and don't hesistate to ask for something in an Issue. That said, the business logic is tested and should work. We will release version 1.0 when the GitHub milestone has been fully resolved.


Copyright © 2019 Kristofer J. Rye

This software is released under either of:

at your discretion. Please see the license file ( for more information.


We would like to thank the developers of the netaddr Ruby gem for inspiring the development and ergonomics of this project.