ndarray-linalg 0.9.0

Linear algebra package for rust-ndarray using LAPACK


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Linear algebra package for Rust with rust-ndarray.


Currently three LAPACKE implementations are supported and tested:

There are two ways to link LAPACKE backend:

backend features (recommended)

There are three features corresponding to the backend implementations (openblas / netlib / intel-mkl):

ndarray = "0.10"
ndarray-linalg = { version = "0.8", features = ["openblas"] }

link backend crate manually

For the sake of linking flexibility, you can provide LAPACKE implementation (as an extern crate) yourself. You should link a LAPACKE implementation to a final crate (like binary executable or dylib) only, not to a Rust library.

ndarray = "0.10"
ndarray-linalg = "0.8"
openblas-src = "0.5" # or another backend of your choice

You must add extern crate to your code in this case:

extern crate ndarray;
extern crate ndarray_linalg;
extern crate openblas_src; // or another backend of your choice

For librarian

If you creating a library depending on this crate, we encourage you not to link any backend for flexibility:

ndarray = "0.10"
ndarray-linalg = { version = "0.8", default-features = false }

However, if you hope simplicity instead of the flexibility, you can link your favorite backend in the way described above.


See examples directory.