nannou_osc 0.1.0

The OSC API for Nannou, the creative coding framework.

nannou_osc Build Status

The OSC API for nannou, the creative coding framework.

Please see the nannou guide for more information on how to get started with nannou!


Some of the features of this API include:

  • Simple OSC Sender and Receiver API around the raw UDP socket and OSC protocol.
  • Reasonable defaults sender and receiver binding UDP addresses.
  • Type-safe distinction between "connected" and "unconnected" senders and receivers.
  • Blocking and non-blocking Iterator APIs for Receiver type.

nannou_osc uses the rosc crate - a pure-Rust, cross-platform OSC library for handling the low-level protocol encoding and decoding under the hood. Senders and Receivers are thin, zero-cost abstractions around the std::net::UdpSocket type.


You can find examples of nannou_osc in action at the nannou repository in the examples directory.


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