multipart 0.9.0-alpha.9

A backend-agnostic extension for HTTP libraries that provides support for POST multipart/form-data requests on for both client and server.

Client- and server-side abstractions for HTTP multipart/form-data requests.

###Features: This documentation is built with all features enabled.

  • client: The client-side abstractions for generating multipart requests.

  • server: The server-side abstractions for parsing multipart requests.

  • mock: Provides mock implementations of core client and server traits for debugging or non-standard use.

  • hyper: Integration with the Hyper HTTP library for client and/or server depending on which other feature flags are set.

  • iron: Integration with the Iron web application framework. See the server::iron module for more information.

  • tiny_http: Integration with the tiny_http crate. See the server::tiny_http module for more information.

  • nickel_: Integration with the Nickel web application framework. See the server::nickel module for more information. Enables the hyper feature.