mio 0.3.0

Lightweight non-blocking IO
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MIO - Metal IO

MIO is a lightweight IO library for Rust with a focus on adding as little overhead as possible over the OS abstractions.

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To use mio, first add this to your Cargo.toml:

git = "https://github.com/carllerche/mio"

mio is on Crates.io, but is not often updated.

Then, add this to your crate root:

extern crate mio;


  • Event loop backed by epoll, kqueue.
  • Zero allocations at runtime
  • Non-blocking TCP, UDP and Unix domain sockets
  • High performance timer system
  • Thread safe message channel for cross thread communication


  • Signal handling

Non goals

The following are specifically omitted from MIO and are left to the user or higher level libraries.

  • File operations
  • Thread pools / multi-threaded event loop
  • Windows support


Currently, MIO only supports Linux and Darwin. The goal is to support all platforms that support Rust and the readiness IO model.