minifemme 1.0.3

Rust log-compatible pretty/ndjson logger, based on femme

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Rust log-compatible pretty/ndjson logger, based on femme.

A pretty-printer and ndjson logger for the log crate.


minifemme::start(minifemme::LevelFilter::Trace, minifemme::LogMode::Pretty);
log::warn!("Unauthorized access attempt on /login");
log::info!("Listening on port 8080");

The main reason behind this crate's existence is that I needed something that works almost like femme, but with the ability to arbitrarily select the log mode.

When using Wasm with #[cfg(target_arch = "wasm32")], the Wasm logger will be used. The Wasm logger uses web_sys crate to send console.log() to JavaScript.


Pretty Output

Newline Delimited JSON


$ cargo add minifemme


MIT OR Apache-2.0