mediainfo 0.2.0

Rust bindings for libmediainfo failed to build mediainfo-0.2.0
Please check build logs and if you believe this is' fault, report into this issue report.


This is a simple wrapper around the MediaInfo library using Rust types.

The entire libmediainfo API is not exposed yet. The reason is basically because I don't have a test case for the rest of the API.

Some information about the MediaInfo API can be found here, but not a lot of information is available. The exemples directory has some basic use of the API.


The examples can be run with:

cargo run --example [example_name]

for example:

cargo run --example basic_info


Yet to come.



We target the most recent stable version (currently "1.17"). The best way to get it is via rustup (or some bleeding edge Linux distro).

MediaInfo Library

In Linux you should install libmediainfo (probably found in your distro package manager). For Arch Linux users:

 # pacman -S libmediainfo

On Linux Mint 18 (and probably others ditros that use apt):

 # apt-get install libmediainfo
  • Note: libmediaifo depends on libstdc++, but for some reason it was not installed by apt in my test. After installing it the linker (ld) was still unable to link to stdc++ and I had to manually create a symbolic link to /usr/lib/x86-64-linux-gnu/libstdc++.s0.6.

The wrapper was written against the version "0.7.94" (current version on Arch repository).

We also depend on libc but it should be a dependency of libmediainfo.


Currently the build "script" only supports building with pkg-config.