manganis 0.2.2

Ergonomic, automatic, cross crate asset collection and optimization


The Manganis allows you to submit assets to a build tool that supports collecting assets. It makes it easy to self-host assets that are distributed throughout your library. Manganis also handles optimizing, converting, and fetching assets.

If you defined this in a component library:

const AVIF_ASSET: &str = manganis::file!("./rustacean-flat-gesture.png");

AVIF_ASSET will be set to a new file name that will be served by some CLI. That file can be collected by any package that depends on the component library.

// You can include tailwind classes that will be collected into the final binary
const TAILWIND_CLASSES: &str = manganis::classes!("flex flex-col p-5");

// You can also collect arbitrary files. Relative paths are resolved relative to the package root
const _: &str = manganis::mg!(file("./test-package-dependency/src/asset.txt"));
// You can use URLs to copy read the asset at build time
const _: &str = manganis::mg!(file(""));

// You can collect images which will be automatically optimized
pub const RESIZED_PNG_ASSET: manganis::ImageAsset =
// Resize the image at compile time to make the assets smaller
pub const RESIZED_PNG_ASSET: manganis::ImageAsset =
    manganis::mg!(image("./rustacean-flat-gesture.png").size(52, 52));
// Or convert the image at compile time to a web friendly format
pub const AVIF_ASSET: manganis::ImageAsset = manganis::mg!(image("./rustacean-flat-gesture.png")
// You can even include a low quality preview of the image embedded into the url
pub const AVIF_ASSET: manganis::ImageAsset = manganis::mg!(image("./rustacean-flat-gesture.png")

// You can also collect google fonts
pub const ROBOTO_FONT: &str = manganis::mg!(font()
// Specify weights for fonts to collect
pub const COMFORTAA_FONT: &str = manganis::mg!(font()
// Or specific text to include only the characters used in that text
pub const ROBOTO_FONT_LIGHT_FONT: &str = manganis::mg!(font()
    .text("hello world"));

Adding Support to Your CLI

To add support for your CLI, you need to integrate with the manganis_cli_support crate. This crate provides utilities to collect assets that integrate with the Manganis macro. It makes it easy to integrate an asset collection and optimization system into a build tool.