makedeb-srcinfo 0.8.1

Rust + Python library for parsing makedeb-styled .SRCINFO files
# makedeb-srcinfo
`makedeb-srcinfo` is a library for Rust and Python to parse makedeb-style `.SRCINFO` files.

The library itself is written in Rust, and bindings for Python are made possible via [PyO3]( and [Maturin](

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## Usage
### Installation
You'll first need to install the library before using it. Installation instructions will change depending on if you're using the Rust or Python library:

#### Rust
cargo add makedeb-srcinfo

#### Python
pip install makedeb-srcinfo

### Using the library
The Rust and Python libraries are designed to look quite similar to each other, both interfaces use the same function/class names, and should only differ in how the languages themselves are designed.

#### Rust
See the documentation on []( for full usage instructions.

use makedeb_srcinfo::SrcInfo;
use std::fs;

fn main() {
    let file = fs::read_to_string(".SRCINFO").unwrap();
    let srcinfo = SrcInfo::new(&file).unwrap();
    // Get the package base.
    println!("The package base for this package is {}.", srcinfo.get_string("pkgbase").unwrap());

    // Get any dependencies.
    match srcinfo.get_array("makedepends") {
        Some(makedepends) => {
            println!("Found {} build dependencies:", makedepends.len());

            for dep in makedepends {
                println!("- {}", dep);
        None => {
            println!("Found no dependencies.");

#### Python
Help is currently needed to get Python documentation automatically published on new releases. Please see if you'd like to help.

#!/usr/bin/env python3
from makedeb_srcinfo import SrcInfo

with open(".SRCINFO") as file:
    data =

srcinfo = SrcInfo(data)

# Get the package base.
pkgbase = srcinfo.get_string("pkgbase")
print(f"The package base for this package is {pkgbase}.")

# Get any dependencies.
makedepends = srcinfo.get_array("makedepends")

if len(makedepends) == 0:
    print("Found no build dependencies.")
    print(f"Found {len(makedepends)} build dependencies:")

    for dep in makedepends:
        print(f"- {dep}")