mailslurp 11.3.0

Official MailSlurp Email API Client

Rust API client for mailslurp

MailSlurp is an API for sending and receiving emails from dynamically allocated email addresses. It's designed for developers and QA teams to test applications, process inbound emails, send templated notifications, attachments, and more.



This API client was generated by the OpenAPI Generator project. By using the openapi-spec from a remote server, you can easily generate an API client.

  • API version: 6.5.2
  • Package version: 11.3.0
  • Build package: org.openapitools.codegen.languages.RustClientCodegen


Put the package under your project folder and add the following to Cargo.toml under [dependencies]:

    openapi = { path = "./generated" }

Documentation for API Endpoints

All URIs are relative to

Class Method HTTP request Description
AliasControllerApi create_alias Post /aliases Create an email alias. Must be verified by clicking link inside verification email that will be sent to the address. Once verified the alias will be active.
AliasControllerApi delete_alias Delete /aliases/{aliasId} Delete an email alias
AliasControllerApi get_alias Get /aliases/{aliasId} Get an email alias
AliasControllerApi get_alias_emails Get /aliases/{aliasId}/emails Get emails for an alias
AliasControllerApi get_alias_threads Get /aliases/{aliasId}/threads Get threads created for an alias
AliasControllerApi get_aliases Get /aliases Get all email aliases you have created
AliasControllerApi reply_to_alias_email Put /aliases/{aliasId}/emails/{emailId} Reply to an email
AliasControllerApi send_alias_email Post /aliases/{aliasId}/emails Send an email from an alias inbox
AliasControllerApi update_alias Put /aliases/{aliasId} Update an email alias
AttachmentControllerApi upload_attachment Post /attachments Upload an attachment for sending using base64 file encoding. Returns an array whose first element is the ID of the uploaded attachment.
AttachmentControllerApi upload_attachment_bytes Post /attachments/bytes Upload an attachment for sending using file byte stream input octet stream. Returns an array whose first element is the ID of the uploaded attachment.
AttachmentControllerApi upload_multipart_form Post /attachments/multipart Upload an attachment for sending using a Multipart Form request. Returns an array whose first element is the ID of the uploaded attachment.
BulkActionsControllerApi bulk_create_inboxes Post /bulk/inboxes Bulk create Inboxes (email addresses)
BulkActionsControllerApi bulk_delete_inboxes Delete /bulk/inboxes Bulk Delete Inboxes
BulkActionsControllerApi bulk_send_emails Post /bulk/send Bulk Send Emails
CommonActionsControllerApi create_new_email_address Post /createInbox Create new random inbox
CommonActionsControllerApi create_new_email_address1 Post /newEmailAddress Create new random inbox
CommonActionsControllerApi empty_inbox Delete /emptyInbox Delete all emails in an inbox
CommonActionsControllerApi send_email_simple Post /sendEmail Send an email
ContactControllerApi create_contact Post /contacts Create a contact
ContactControllerApi delete_contact Delete /contacts/{contactId} Delete contact
ContactControllerApi get_all_contacts Get /contacts/paginated Get all contacts
ContactControllerApi get_contact Get /contacts/{contactId} Get contact
ContactControllerApi get_contacts Get /contacts Get all contacts
DomainControllerApi create_domain Post /domains Create Domain
DomainControllerApi delete_domain Delete /domains/{id} Delete a domain
DomainControllerApi get_domain Get /domains/{id} Get a domain
DomainControllerApi get_domains Get /domains Get domains
EmailControllerApi delete_all_emails Delete /emails Delete all emails
EmailControllerApi delete_email Delete /emails/{emailId} Delete an email
EmailControllerApi download_attachment Get /emails/{emailId}/attachments/{attachmentId} Get email attachment bytes. If you have trouble with byte responses try the downloadAttachmentBase64 response endpoints.
EmailControllerApi download_attachment_base64 Get /emails/{emailId}/attachments/{attachmentId}/base64 Get email attachment as base64 encoded string (alternative to binary responses)
EmailControllerApi forward_email Post /emails/{emailId}/forward Forward email
EmailControllerApi get_attachment_meta_data Get /emails/{emailId}/attachments/{attachmentId}/metadata Get email attachment metadata
EmailControllerApi get_attachments Get /emails/{emailId}/attachments Get all email attachment metadata
EmailControllerApi get_email Get /emails/{emailId} Get email content
EmailControllerApi get_email_content_match Post /emails/{emailId}/contentMatch Get email content regex pattern match results. Runs regex against email body and returns match groups.
EmailControllerApi get_email_html Get /emails/{emailId}/html Get email content as HTML
EmailControllerApi get_email_html_query Get /emails/{emailId}/htmlQuery Parse and return text from an email, stripping HTML and decoding encoded characters
EmailControllerApi get_email_text_lines Get /emails/{emailId}/textLines Parse and return text from an email, stripping HTML and decoding encoded characters
EmailControllerApi get_emails_paginated Get /emails Get all emails
EmailControllerApi get_raw_email_contents Get /emails/{emailId}/raw Get raw email string
EmailControllerApi get_raw_email_json Get /emails/{emailId}/raw/json Get raw email in JSON
EmailControllerApi get_unread_email_count Get /emails/unreadCount Get unread email count
EmailControllerApi reply_to_email Put /emails/{emailId} Reply to an email
EmailControllerApi validate_email Post /emails/{emailId}/validate Validate email
ExpiredControllerApi get_expired_inbox_by_inbox_id Get /expired/inbox/{inboxId} Get expired inbox record for a previously existing inbox
ExpiredControllerApi get_expired_inbox_record Get /expired/{expiredId} Get an expired inbox record
ExpiredControllerApi get_expired_inboxes Get /expired List records of expired inboxes
FormControllerApi submit_form Post /forms Submit a form to be parsed and sent as an email to an address determined by the form fields
GroupControllerApi add_contacts_to_group Put /groups/{groupId}/contacts Add contacts to a group
GroupControllerApi create_group Post /groups Create a group
GroupControllerApi delete_group Delete /groups/{groupId} Delete group
GroupControllerApi get_all_groups Get /groups/paginated Get all Contact Groups in paginated format
GroupControllerApi get_group Get /groups/{groupId} Get group
GroupControllerApi get_group_with_contacts Get /groups/{groupId}/contacts Get group and contacts belonging to it
GroupControllerApi get_group_with_contacts_paginated Get /groups/{groupId}/contacts-paginated Get group and paginated contacts belonging to it
GroupControllerApi get_groups Get /groups Get all groups
GroupControllerApi remove_contacts_from_group Delete /groups/{groupId}/contacts Remove contacts from a group
InboxControllerApi create_inbox Post /inboxes Create an Inbox (email address)
InboxControllerApi create_inbox_with_options Post /inboxes/withOptions Create an inbox with additional options
InboxControllerApi delete_all_inboxes Delete /inboxes Delete all inboxes
InboxControllerApi delete_inbox Delete /inboxes/{inboxId} Delete inbox
InboxControllerApi get_all_inboxes Get /inboxes/paginated List All Inboxes Paginated
InboxControllerApi get_emails Get /inboxes/{inboxId}/emails Get emails in an Inbox. This method is not idempotent as it allows retries and waits if you want certain conditions to be met before returning. For simple listing and sorting of known emails use the email controller instead.
InboxControllerApi get_inbox Get /inboxes/{inboxId} Get Inbox
InboxControllerApi get_inbox_emails_paginated Get /inboxes/{inboxId}/emails/paginated Get inbox emails paginated
InboxControllerApi get_inbox_sent_emails Get /inboxes/{inboxId}/sent Get Inbox Sent Emails
InboxControllerApi get_inbox_tags Get /inboxes/tags Get inbox tags
InboxControllerApi get_inboxes Get /inboxes List Inboxes / Email Addresses
InboxControllerApi send_email Post /inboxes/{inboxId} Send Email
InboxControllerApi send_email_and_confirm Post /inboxes/{inboxId}/confirm Send email and return sent confirmation
InboxControllerApi set_inbox_favourited Put /inboxes/{inboxId}/favourite Set inbox favourited state
InboxControllerApi update_inbox Patch /inboxes/{inboxId} Update Inbox
MailServerControllerApi describe_mail_server_domain Post /mail-server/describe/domain Get DNS Mail Server records for a domain
MailServerControllerApi get_dns_lookup Post /mail-server/describe/dns-lookup Lookup DNS records for a domain
MailServerControllerApi get_ip_address Post /mail-server/describe/ip-address Get IP address for a domain
MailServerControllerApi verify_email_address Post /mail-server/verify/email-address Verify the existence of an email address at a given mail server.
SentEmailsControllerApi get_sent_email Get /sent/{id} Get sent email receipt
SentEmailsControllerApi get_sent_emails Get /sent Get all sent emails in paginated form
TemplateControllerApi create_template Post /templates Create a Template
TemplateControllerApi delete_template Delete /templates/{TemplateId} Delete Template
TemplateControllerApi get_all_templates Get /templates/paginated Get all Templates in paginated format
TemplateControllerApi get_template Get /templates/{TemplateId} Get Template
TemplateControllerApi get_templates Get /templates Get all Templates
WaitForControllerApi wait_for Post /waitFor Wait for conditions to be met
WaitForControllerApi wait_for_email_count Get /waitForEmailCount Wait for and return count number of emails
WaitForControllerApi wait_for_latest_email Get /waitForLatestEmail Fetch inbox's latest email or if empty wait for an email to arrive
WaitForControllerApi wait_for_matching_email Post /waitForMatchingEmails Wait or return list of emails that match simple matching patterns
WaitForControllerApi wait_for_matching_first_email Post /waitForMatchingFirstEmail Wait for or return the first email that matches proved MatchOptions array
WaitForControllerApi wait_for_nth_email Get /waitForNthEmail Wait for or fetch the email with a given index in the inbox specified
WebhookControllerApi create_webhook Post /inboxes/{inboxId}/webhooks Attach a WebHook URL to an inbox
WebhookControllerApi delete_webhook Delete /inboxes/{inboxId}/webhooks/{webhookId} Delete and disable a Webhook for an Inbox
WebhookControllerApi get_all_webhooks Get /webhooks/paginated List Webhooks Paginated
WebhookControllerApi get_webhook Get /webhooks/{webhookId} Get a webhook for an Inbox
WebhookControllerApi get_webhooks Get /inboxes/{inboxId}/webhooks Get all Webhooks for an Inbox
WebhookControllerApi send_test_data Post /webhooks/{webhookId}/test Send webhook test data

Documentation For Models

To get access to the crate's generated documentation, use:

cargo doc --open