maidsafe_client 0.1.2

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Primary Maintainer: Spandan Sharma (

Secondary Maintainer: Krishna Kumar (

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###Pre-requisite: libsodium is a native dependency for sodiumxoide. Thus, install sodium by following the instructions here.

For windows, download and use the prebuilt mingw library. Extract and place the libsodium.a file in "bin\x86_64-pc-windows-gnu" for 64bit System, or "bin\i686-pc-windows-gnu" for a 32bit system.

###Build Instructions: Maidsafe-Client interfaces conditionally with either the actual routing crate or the Mock used for efficient local testing.

To use it with the Mock (default) do:

cargo build
cargo test

To interface it with actual routing, do:

cargo build --features "USE_ACTUAL_ROUTING"
cargo test --features "USE_ACTUAL_ROUTING"

##TODO (rust_3 sprint)



  • MAID-1219 Implement Private and Public types



  • MAID-1249 Implement Unified Structured Datatype
    • MAID-1252 Mock Unified StructuredData and ImmutableData
    • MAID-1253 Update Mock Routing to support Mock Unified SturcturedData and ImmutableData
    • MAID-1220 Update the SessionPacket struct
    • MAID-1221 Update client API to get and set configuration directory ids
    • MAID-1222 Compute size of Structured Data
    • MAID-1223 Implement a handler for Storing UnVersioned Structured Data
    • MAID-1224 Implement a handler for Retrieving Content of UnVersioned Structured Data
    • MAID-1225 Write Test Cases for UnVersioned Structured Data handler
    • MAID-1226 Implement Session Packet as UnVersioned Structure DataType
    • MAID-1227 Update the test cases in Client API
    • MAID-1228 Update the test cases in mock routing framework