lz4-compression 0.7.0

Pure Rust implementation of LZ4 compression and decompression as a library

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A pure Rust implementation of LZ4 compression and decompression. Currently, this implementation is not 100% compatible with the reference implementation. Pull requests are welcome though! This is based on redox-os' LZ4 compression, but has been gradually improved since then.

As this is only a passively maintained crate, consider using lz-fear instead, which also aims to be compatible with the reference implementation of LZ4.


use lz4_compression::prelude::{ decompress, compress };

fn main(){
    let uncompressed_data: &[u8] = b"Hello world, what's up?";

    let compressed_data = compress(uncompressed_data);
    let decompressed_data = decompress(&compressed_data).unwrap();

    assert_eq!(uncompressed_data, decompressed_data.as_slice());

Thanks to all contributors