luthien-sass 0.1.0

Luthien plugin which compiles Sass stylesheets.
luthien-sass-0.1.0 is not a library.

Luthien Stylesheets

luthien-sass enables you to generate complex stylesheets with Luthien theme data. Stylesheets are written in Sass, so complex color adjustment and logic is also possible.


Install using Cargo from

cargo install luthien-sass


Add a plugin to your Luthien config:

executable = "~/.cargo/bin/luthien-sass"

Writing Stylesheets

Sass stylesheets in the plugin's config directory (should be something like ~/.config/luthien/plugins/sass) will be compiled using grass. It has near feature-parity with Dart Sass; see its documention for more details.

To access theme data, you can import a module called luthien. This module is also output in the output directory (~/.local/share/luthien/outputs/plugins/sass/ on most Unix-like systems). The module contains the following variables:

  • luthien.$wallpaper: A url() to the wallpaper image.
  • luthien.$palette: A map of color names to colors. The following keys are included:
    • black
    • red
    • green
    • yellow
    • blue
    • purple
    • cyan
    • white
  • luthien.$accents: A list of accent colors in descending order of importance. It should have at least six elements.
  • luthien.$foreground: The foreground color.
  • luthien.$background: The background color.


After a stylesheet is compiled with grass, the output is written to a file with the same name in the output directory, but with the css extension. For instance a stylesheet named colors.scss would be output as a file named colors.css.