lsd 0.1.0

A ls command with a lot of pretty colors.
lsd-0.1.0 is not a library.


A ls command with a lot of pretty colors.


This project is heavily inspired by the super colorls project but with some little differences. For example is written is rust and not ruby which make it really faster (around 10 times).




  1. Install rust
  2. Install the patched fonts of powerline nerd-font and/or font-awesome. Have a look at the Nerd Font README for more installation instructions. Note for rbenv users - In case of load error when using lc, please try the below patch.
  3. Install the lsd package with cargo install lsd


  • Handle the -l option (used by default for now)
  • Handle the -a option
  • Add icons before the files names
  • Handle the tree (--tree) output option
  • Handle the json (--json) output option
  • Handle Named pipes
  • Handle sockets
  • Handle block devices
  • Handle character devices