llhd-sim 0.3.0

The reference simulator for Low Level Hardware Description assembly.
# llhd-sim

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This is the reference simulator for [llhd], striving to be complete but as minimal as possible. Its goal is to serve as a starting point for developing more sophisticated simulators for hardware written in llhd. As a secondary goal it acts as an application example of llhd.

## Usage

### Installation

You need a working [Rust installation](https://rustup.rs/). Use cargo to install llhd-sim:

    cargo install llhd-sim

### Example

Given the following input file:

    // foo.llhd
    proc @foo () (i32$ %out) {
        drv %out 0 1ns
        drv %out 42 2ns
        %0 = add i32 9000 1
        drv %out %0 3ns

Use llhd-sim to simulate the described hardware and produce a VCD file:

    llhd-sim foo.llhd
    gtkwave /tmp/output.vcd

[llhd]: https://github.com/fabianschuiki/llhd