llhd-sim 0.2.0

The reference simulator for Low Level Hardware Description assembly.
llhd-sim-0.2.0 is not a library.


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This is the reference simulator for LLHD, striving to be complete but as minimal as possible. Its goal is to serve as a starting point for developing more sophisticated simulators for hardware written in LLHD. As a secondary goal it acts as an application example of LLHD.

Roadmap and Milestones

  • execute processes
  • execute entities
  • execute functions
  • unary, binary instructions
  • probe, drive instructions
  • call instruction
  • sig, inst instructions
  • compare instruction
  • return, branch instructions
  • preserve hierarchy in VCD
  • Milestone: basic simulator
  • run simulation for limited time
  • set breakpoints in processes/functions
  • set breakpoints in entities
  • step over, step into
  • list source code extract, print values/signals
  • interactive prompt
  • Milestone: interactive debugger