lindera 0.2.1

A Japanese Morphological Analysis Library.


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A Japanese morphological analysis library in Rust. This project fork from fulmicoton's kuromoji-rs.

Lindera aims to build a library which is easy to install and provides concise APIs for various Rust applications.


The following products are required to build:

  • Rust >= 1.39.0
  • make >= 3.81
% make build


Basic example

This example covers the basic usage of Lindera.

It will:

  • Create a tokenizer in normal mode
  • Tokenize the input text
  • Output the tokens
use lindera::tokenizer::Tokenizer;

fn main() -> std::io::Result<()> {
    // create tokenizer
    let mut tokenizer = Tokenizer::default_normal();

    // tokenize the text
    let tokens = tokenizer.tokenize("関西国際空港限定トートバッグ");

    // output the tokens
    for token in tokens {
        println!("{}", token.text);


The above example can be run as follows:

% cargo run --example basic_example

You can see the result as follows:


API reference

The API reference is available. Please see following URL:

  • lindera

Project links

lindera consists of several projects. The list is following: