libsm 0.6.0

A Rust Library of China's Standards of Encryption Algorithms (SM2/3/4)


Libsm is an open source pure rust library of China Cryptographic Algorithm Standards. It is completed by a collaborative effort between the Cryptape Technology LLC. and BEIHANG KNOC LAB. And now this project is maintained by Cryptape Technology LLC.

GM/T Algorithms

Libsm implements the following GM/T cryptographic algorithms:

  • SM2 (GM/T 0003-2012): elliptic curve cryptographic schemes including digital signature scheme, public key encryption, (authenticated) key exchange protocol and one recommended 256-bit prime field curve sm2p256v1.
  • SM3 (GM/T 0004-2012): cryptographic hash function with 256-bit digest length.
  • SM4 (GM/T 0002-2012): block cipher with 128-bit key length and 128-bit block size, also named SMS4.



Libsm is currently under the Apache 2.0 license.