libproc 0.4.0

A rust wrapper of libproc to get information about running processes - currently Mac OS X only failed to build libproc-0.4.0
Please check build logs and if you believe this is' fault, report into this issue report.

Build Status


This is a rust wrapper for libproc (supplied on Mac OS X as a native library) for getting information about running processes.

Using it

extern crate libproc;
use libproc::libproc::proc_pid;


match proc_pid::pidpath(pid) {
    Ok(path) => {
        println!("PID {}: has path {}", pid, path);
    Err(err) => writeln!(&mut std::io::stderr(), "Error: {}", err).unwrap()


Run "cargo doc" and then open "./target/doc/libproc/index.html". More documentation will be added over time.


At the moment these methods are implemented:

pub fn listpids(proc_types: ProcType) -> Result<Vec<u32>, String>
pub fn regionfilename(pid: i32, address: u64) -> Result<String, String>
pub fn pidpath(pid : i32) -> Result<String, String>
pub fn libversion() -> Result<(i32, i32), String>
pub fn name(pid: i32) -> Result<String, String>

I have also implemented this method - but the MAGIC_NUMBER returned is not correct, and upon investigation it seems that Apple/Darwin/Mach have changed totally how dmessage works in latest versions, moving away from using libproc to use kvm - with a total rewrite of dmesg. I leave it in for now, but some serious revision of the library, with conditional compilation depending on which version of Mac OS X and/or Darwin will be required to get a version that works broadly :-(

pub fn kmsgbuf() -> Result<String, String>


'cargo build' builds the following binaries:

  • 'procinfo' that takes a PID as an optional argument (uses it's own pid if none supplied) and returns information about the process on stdout
  • 'dmesg' is a version of dmesg implemented in rust that uses libproc-rs. This must be run as root. Currently fails (see above for explanation).


Initially just for Mac OS X.


  • Complete the API on Mac OS X - figuring out all the Mac OS X / Darwin version mess....
  • Add more documentation (including samples with documentation test)
  • Add own custom error type and implement From::from to ease reporting of multiple error types in clients
  • Once the API is complete then doing a Linux version with the same API would make sense.


This code is licensed under MIT license (see LICENCE).


You are welcome to fork this repo and make a pull request, or write an issue.