libfuse-sys 0.3.0

Raw bindings to libfuse

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Raw rust bindings to libfuse

Using libfuse-sys

Add the dependencies to your Cargo.toml

libfuse-sys = { version = "*", features = ["fuse_35"] }
libc = "*"

You can select other API versions for fuse. Currently supported are

  • fuse_11
  • fuse_21
  • fuse_22
  • fuse_24
  • fuse_25
  • fuse_26
  • fuse_29
  • fuse_30
  • fuse_31
  • fuse_35

If no version is selected the crate defaults to version 26.


This crate itself is published under the MIT license while libfuse is published under LGPL2+. Take special care to ensure the terms of the LGPL2+ are honored when using this crate.