libc 0.2.78

Raw FFI bindings to platform libraries like libc.
//! SGX C types definition

pub type c_schar = i8;
pub type c_uchar = u8;
pub type c_short = i16;
pub type c_ushort = u16;
pub type c_int = i32;
pub type c_uint = u32;
pub type c_float = f32;
pub type c_double = f64;
pub type c_longlong = i64;
pub type c_ulonglong = u64;
pub type intmax_t = i64;
pub type uintmax_t = u64;

pub type size_t = usize;
pub type ptrdiff_t = isize;
pub type intptr_t = isize;
pub type uintptr_t = usize;
pub type ssize_t = isize;

pub type c_char = i8;
pub type c_long = i64;
pub type c_ulong = u64;

pub const INT_MIN: c_int = -2147483648;
pub const INT_MAX: c_int = 2147483647;

cfg_if! {
    if #[cfg(libc_core_cvoid)] {
        pub use ::ffi::c_void;
    } else {
        // Use repr(u8) as LLVM expects `void*` to be the same as `i8*` to help
        // enable more optimization opportunities around it recognizing things
        // like malloc/free.
        pub enum c_void {
            // Two dummy variants so the #[repr] attribute can be used.