libbruteforce 2.0.0

This library helps you to brute force hashes (e.g. passwords). It includes a set of pre-configured hashing functions, like md5 or sha256. You can also provide your own hashing function. PLEASE DO NOT use this software to harm someones privacy in any kind! This project was made for fun and for teaching myself new things about Rust.

libbruteforce - A Rust library to brute force hashes multithreaded

This library spawns a thread for each cpu on your system to brute force a password/hash. It offers built-in support for MD5, SHA1, and SHA256, but you can also provide your own hashing function as a parameter.

You can specify your own alphabet or use the internally programmed symbols.


I did this project just for fun to learn new things. Please don't use it to do any harm to someones privacy!

Example usage

use libbruteforce::{crack, transform_fns, symbols, CrackParameter};

fn main() {
    let alphabet = symbols::full_alphabet();
    // or let alphabet = symbols::build_alphabet(true, true, false, false, false, false, false)
    let input = String::from("a+c");
    let sha256_hash = String::from("3d7edde33628331676b39e19a3f2bdb3c583960ad8d865351a32e2ace7d8e02d");
    let cp = CrackParameter::new(sha256_hash.clone(), alphabet, 3, 0, transform_fns::SHA256_HASHING, true);
    let res = crack(cp);
    if res.is_success() { let sol = res.solution.unwrap(); }

For example usage see