lfs 0.7.6

give information on mounted disks
lfs-0.7.6 is not a library.


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A linux utility listing your filesystems.


Besides traditional columns, the disk column helps you identify your "disk" (or the mapping standing between your filesystem and the physical device) :

  • remov : a removable device (such as an USB key)
  • HDD : a rotational disk
  • SSD : a solid state storage device
  • RAM : an in-memory device (such as zram)
  • LVM : a device mapped to one or several disks using LVM
  • crypt : a crypted disk

All sizes are based on the current SI recommendations: 1M is one million bytes.


Precompiled binary

You can download it from https://github.com/Canop/lfs/releases

From source

You need the Rust tool chain.

cargo install lfs



By default, lfs only shows mount points backed by normal block devices, which are usually the "storage" filesystems you're interested into.

To show them all, use

lfs -a

To get the output as JSON, do lfs -j or lfs -a -j.

You may pass a path to have only the relevant device shown. For example:

lfs dot

Use lfs --help to list the other arguments.


If you want to display the same data in your Rust application, have a look at the lfs-core crate.