ley 0.0.5

Parser and html renderer of Ley files
ley-0.0.5 is not a library.


Ley is a markup language designed to let you focus on functionality rather than layout.


Ley files are made up of ley lines which describe functionality. A ley line is of the format

!name: type {


  • name describes a short piece of text for the ley line, such as a heading or link uri
  • type describes the functionality itself, ie. a section of text, a link or an image
  • contents describes further ley lines

Additionally, a ley line may be replaced by direct text.

No whitespace is preserved. When double quotes (") are used, all text within is escaped. Two double quotes ("") may be used to the same effect, preserving the outer quotes and allowing the usage of single quotes within.


  • link a link to other content, an html anchor
    • name the url
    • contents the content to anchor
  • image an image
    • name the image location url
    • contents the image alt text
  • section a section of text
    • name the heading of the section
    • contents the nested contents