legolas 0.1.0

A Microsoft Program Database (PDB) parser


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This library will hopefully eventually become a companion to Gimli, the zero-copy DWARF parser, but instead providing access to Microsoft's Program Database (PDB) debugging format.

The goals of the library are basically the same as Gimli's.

  • Zero copy: Use the original memory of the input (when possible, it isn't always the case due to the PDB format, but I digress). This is in stark contrast to the only "blessed" interface for reading PDB files, the DIA SDK, which at a minimum will allocate a wide character string for every string in the PDB (function names, type names, etc), even though, at its current version, the string data is only ever stored as plain ASCII (AFAICT).
  • Lazy: Simply put, don't do work until we need to
  • Cross-platform: There is no reason you should not be able to read and inspect PDB files on a platform other than Windows, other than that the DIA SDK is a COM library.


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